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Corium21™ is far more than a moisturizer. ​Of the hundreds of varieties of aloe vera, we use only the most potent one, grown in rich, volcanic soil.​​ Our unique balance of nutrients, vitamins and emollients delivers more of the benefits of Aloe Vera to help transform even seriously dry skin, and other unsightly skin blemishes, into healthy, glowing skin.

We have been using Corium 21 for many years and "love it". I am a nurse and carry a sample size of Corium 21 in my pocket.
Gail Pool - Very Dry Skin

Before this product my skin was not in good condition. I'm 14 years old and after 3 days my skin completely cleared up.
Camellia Stelle of CA, Los Angeles - Acne

I am now having my 12 year old daughter use it on her eczema and really dry skin patches and she is clearing up wonderfully!
Allergic Rash, Eczema, Very Dry Skin

Corium 21 has been heaven sent and after finishing one big jar and 3 months of consistent facial use - I can attest that this works!
Michael of CA, Los Angeles - Eczema, Rosacea

1 week of using it, there is no sign of psoriasis on my face and knees. The itching has gone away
Oscar of AZ, Tucson - Itching Skin, Psoriasis

To me this is a miracle product and you must try it for yourself to believe my story.
Carol Gamboa - Allergic Rash

This is one skin cream that is truly effective and has worked for me. I am so happy to recommend it to others.
N. Crawford - Allergic Rash, Blisters, Itching Skin

I love this stuff , Im going to save up and start buying by the gallons.
Anonymous - Dry Skin, Eczema, Sunburn

I noticed how soft my skin was and the difference in my feet. I'm still amazed how my body never feels greasy with this cream.
J. Villaverde - AZ, Phoenix Very Dry Skin

Corium 21 it is the only cream that relieves my grand daughter's eczema symptoms. I am really impressed that it worked on me too.
Jerry W of CA, Southern - Eczema

I introduced it to my daughter and now two of us use the product. We love it!
B. Pitcher of CA, San Diego - Very Dry Skin

This product is amazing , Everybody should use it.
Laila Uraiwan Rose of NV, Las Vegas - Acne

I could not believe the fantastic results it provided on my extra dry cracked skin ,the cream was so refreshing and my skin began to feel softer.
Bob Hefner of OK, Tulsa - Very Dry Skin

I tried the skin cream and loved it , so after the application my hands felt very soft.
Lisa & Mickey Robertson of TX - Arthritis, Very Dry Skin

But since using your skin cream , I will never use anything else.
Ruben of CA, San Diego - Chapped Skin

My wife tried it a few weeks ago - and the results are fantastic, Color is coming back to normal and legs are again silky smooth.
John E - Very Dry Skin

I faithfully use your skin cream on my face and hands every day. I've been told I look as if I'm in my 20's.
Wendy Escobedo of CA, Huntington - Very Dry Skin

I am ordering more of this amazing cream and will not stop using it.
Sherri K of CA, - Sunburn

My dermatologist said that laser surgery was now unnecessary and to "keep doing what I was doing!"
Richard Carr of CO, Boulder City - Stretch Marks, Sunburn

I used your skin cream and within 24 hours the blisters were resolved.
Jean Orlick of NY - Stottvilla Blisters

Your skin cream is the only thing that I have ever found that works in the winter. Believe me!
Beth Mimil of CO - Denver Sunburn, Windburn

I've been using the cream now for over a year and would recommend it to anyone.
Nancy Armour of AZ, Tucson - Rough Hands, Sunburn

This is the best! It really works.
Karen M of CA, Beverly Hills - Sore Muscles

We just purchased this cream yesterday and we love it, you only need to use a small amount and it's not greasy.
Darlene Smith - Chapped Skin

Your skin care has helped my skin to show an over all clarity.
V. Babock - Bruises

The swelling went down and my feet didn't hurt as bad. I also use it on my hands and they are as soft as a baby's bottom.
Jessica of CA, Bakersfield - Bruises, Very Dry Skin

I would highly recommend this product to anyone that is serious about protecting their skin.
Esy Ray of CO, Greeley - Rough Hands, Sunburn

The callouses are gone and I'm walking comfortably. It works!
Ruth of CA, Los Altos - Canker Sores, Cold Sores, Very Dry Skin

This is the only product that really works on my skin, My skin is soft from head to foot.
Kathy Vogt - Allergic Rashes, Sore Muscles, Stretch Marks

My skin has improved 100%, The puffy skin under my eyes is gone.
Janet - Chapped Skin, Varicose Veins

It is so amazing! My dry, cracked, scaly hands, arms and legs are soft and smooth now.
Karen - Chapped Skin, Inflamed Joints, Sore Muscles

I wanted to let you know what a wonderful product this is, I use it everyday. Thank you so much.
S. Stites - Athlete's Foot

I tried different products on the market when I ran out of this one but nothing else works like it.
Anita Carter of CA, Del Mar - Rough Hands

My skin is getting better and better. Thank you for inventing this product.
Buddy Jantoso of CA, Pittsburg - Blisters, Impetigo

I used your skin cream on my leg and foot and in a matter of a few days I was back to normal.
Patricia Mohr of OR, Oregon City - Poor Circulation, Very Dry Skin

This cream healed my dry cracked skin. I had a broken lesion on my finger which got better overnight.
Josephine Muerti of PA - Very Dry Skin

This product may not cure all the ills of the world but it sure works on my dry skin!! Great Stuff.
A Danhoff of NV, Reno - Very Dry Skin

I used your Aloe Vera skin cream today and within a few minutes the burning was gone.
Betty Dhan of VA, Rowenoak - Itching Skin

Paper cuts got better in one day. I also use it on my face, hands and feet, It is amazing.
Patrick Schazer of IL, Palatine - Bruises, Cuts, Very Dry Skin

We couldn't believe how it brought out the colors in his leg tattoos! It also helped with his dry skin.
Meredith Germana - Very Dry Skin

I have been using it on my face, hands and elbows for about 3 days and I am so very pleased with the results.
Terry Phillips of TX, Midland - Inflamed Joints

I can not live without this product and I will recommend for everybody.
J. Castage of NV, Las Vegas - Itching Skin, Very Dry Skin

My feet were cracking. I used your skin cream that night. The next day I was back in shape for walking again.
Pauline Des of Alberta - Chapped Skin

I put Corium on my heels and in less than 10 minutes the cracks were already healing and the pain was going away.
Sara of AZ - Blisters, Chapped Skin

I love it and will buy more! Thanks Again.
Kaye of WA, Spokane - Blisters, Chapped Skin

I used Corium 2x a day and within a few weeks... they were as smooth as a baby's bottom!
Gail Dull - Blisters, Chapped Skin, Cuts

This product is very much recommended! It's all natural, that's why it works!
Ivanhoe Brentheel of CA, Long Beach - Canker Sores, Cracked Skin

Using your skin cream has made more relief than what a doctor had prescribed in 2 years.
Sandy Hyads of IL, Champaign - Itching Skin, Very Dry Skin

Thankfully, after using your product, my skin appears healthy and soft.
I Easer - Rough Hands, Very Dry Skin

We tried the skin cream for the first time and were very amazed at the many different uses.
Karal Gurdubaldi of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

We tried your cream and in 24 hours his cracked, dry hands were soft and smooth!
Paula Goldberg of PA, Newtown - Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

I used your lotion now for only two days and my feet and hands have really softened.
Igne Roussseum of MN, Minneapolis - Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

This wonderful product Corium 21 has helped, Now his hands are clearing up.
Sheila Holder of NV, Las Vegas - Chapped Skin, Cuts, Rough Hands

Dry hard skin as softened and I am on the top of the world.
L. Meissner - Rough Hands, Stretch Marks, Very Dry Skin

I tried every brand name lotion and none worked, but with the use of Corium 21 her skin feels like silk.
Malia Quon - Rough Hands, Very Dry Skin

My hands are now very much improved after using your product.
Jane Sattari of CA, Pasadena - Chapped Lips, Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

What a fantastic product! My hands have never been better.
Mick Blanche - Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

Well, since using Corium 21 his hands healed up completely.
S Schifano - Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

Your skin cream has been the best aid for my dry hands, elbows and feet!
Ginna Rifenbark of AZ, Tempe - Inflamed Joints, Razor Burns, Very Dry Skin

When I discovered your skin cream my skin looked and felt new, alive - thirst quenched!
Kelly P of VA, Norpik - Rough Hands, Very Dry Skin

I just want to say that I finally found something that would work on my hands.
Winona Miller of NV, Las Vegas - Cuts, Rough Hands

After use of the product his hands are constantly soft and smooth. Thank you.
Rhonda - Chapped Skin, Cuts, Rough Hands

My face looks and feels so much better. Now my mom and I order your products, and it's the only thing we use.
Annette Jenkins - Acne, Varicose Veins

I was so impressed with the rejuvenating properties of your product I recommended it to my physical therapist.
B Hickman of CA, La Jolla - Sunburn

I put the Corium 21 on my face about three times and again two or three times the next day. It felt very soothing.

Within minutes, my leg felt great. No more scratching and tenderness.
Carol Owen of UK - Itching Skin, Varicose Veins

I love your product, it's absolutely wonderful!
Lena Byrd of MI, Battle Creek - Cuts

Anyone with any type of skin problem and/or scarring should buy Corium 21.
A Seigler -

I took it upon myself to rub your product in the area of inflammation and the discomfort has all but gone.
Carol DeSena - Inflamed Joints

I applied it only twice, the redness - itchy feeling was gone.
Phillip Jackston of NC, Durham - Allergic Rash

...first time in 3 years since developing the Rosacea and Belles Palsy, that my face feels wonderful and looks great.
C.D. of VT - Rosacea

After a week of using your skin cream the scar had faded.
Stacey D. Her of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rashes, Canker Sores, Cuts

I have found that it clears up diaper rash in a snap!
MJ Dishennett of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash, Diaper Rash

I purchased a small jar of Corium 21. After about 3 weeks the rash disappeared!
Marilyn - Allergic Rash

I use it on my whole body as well as my face and it has been great for relief of heat rash.
Rose Register of TX, El Paso - Allergic Rash, Sunburn

I love your product. If you have dry skin you might want to get this cream.
Brittany Atwood of OK, Oklahoma - Allergic Rash

Once we tried your skin cream within 2 weeks his body looked like he never had a rash.
Ajnur Ka of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash, Blisters

It is the only stuff I know now that will heal my extremely soft skin.
T.L. Fielder of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash, Bed Sores

I felt relief right away on the pain area of my thumb!
JoAnn Warren of IL - Arthritis, Inflamed Joints, Lupus

I got a bottle of your skin cream and within 2 weeks of using it 2 times a day my rash was completely gone.
Cora Lynn Silo of CA Reno - Allergic Rash

The allergy rash has been soothed by your product. Many thanks.
V. Milton of London - Allergic Rash

I applied it only twice, the redness - itchy feeling was gone.
Phillip Jeckton of NC, Durham - Allergic Rash

Your skin cream Corium 21 has helped my husband's rash on his legs.
Joanne Meador of FL, Silver Springs - Allergic Rash

This skin cream took away the rash in three weeks. It's great.
C. Boobo of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash

I just wanted to thank you for your wonderful product. After using it for 2-3 days on my son his rash has cleared up.
J Cholico - Allergic Rash

I tried this, walked away and later looked at my rash and it looked and felt like normal skin.
Bryan Boland - Allergic Rash

The cream is good for so many things but I like it best for protecting my skin .
Ben of CA, San Jose - Jock Itch

The next day there was a huge improvement which progressed.
Jane Pinder of UK - Eczema

After using this lotion for two days, the itching stopped and the skin feels much softer.
Hanna H - Eczema

I use the cream everyday and enjoy trouble free skin.
Rubbie Anderson of MA, Acushnet - Eczema

After eight months of using your skin cream his hands are completely healed.
Linda J. Waruszewski of MI, Whitehall - Chapped Skin, Eczema

Thanks for creating this product for those who are not blessed with perfect skin.
B. McLaughlin - Acne

This is the only product I have used that actually cleared up my adult acne.
T McClemons - Acne

I thought my skin was at its best when I began using Corium 21. But the best was yet to come!
- Acne, Warts

After about a week of use the scars were fading and the itch was gone.
Sarah Byrn of MI, Battle Creek - Eczema, Itching Skin

The results were wonderful and fast. This lotion works.
Christy Walker of CA, Bakersfield - Eczema

I use your skin cream on everything now. Best thing I ever bought! Thank You
Monio Nowtoyer of CA, Palmdale - Eczema

I purchased your skin cream, It worked fantastic for my small son!! And he smells great.

I bought this product for him and his Eczema is almost completely gone.
Irene of CA, Oakley - Eczema

We started using it and within one week my son's eczema cleared up and now looks like normal skin again.
May Mowben of UT, South Jordan - Eczema

Instantly her 2-year old's eczema itch started going away. No more scratching, no more crying at night.
R. Cgul of NV, Henderson - Eczema, Itching Skin

I have tried this product for two days and my skin has dramatically improved.
Victoria Zhernovsky - Eczema

I tried your skin cream. The itching and burning immediately stopped and left my skin soft and moist.
Ashlee Welday of NV, Las Vegas - Eczema, Itching Skin

We tried your product and we are having great success!
Corena Wirtz - Eczema

I am very happy with the product. It is very soothing on my skin.
Judy Haekn of OH - Eczema, Itching Skin

I have been using Corium 21. That it controls this skin problem without side effects is amazing.
C Elford - Eczema

"Mommy, your face is so soft!" Thank you for your superior product!
N Murano - Eczema

Corium 21 is the best cream I have ever used.My skin is soft and heals quickly from blemishes.
Hazel - Acne, Eczema

Your product is the only thing that clears this condition. It is brilliant.
Deborah Ayton - Eczema

It's great to have a cream that is so natural that works and she loves it.
Louise Wilkinson of West Sussex - Eczema

My Eczema has completely vanished after using your cream.
P.H. - CA, Encinitas - Eczema

I like the fact that it isn't greasy and gets absorbed in the skin right away.
Dee - Psoriasis

After one use we could see a difference. Their skin cleared up.
Carolyn Ford of GA, Augusta - Allergic Rash, Very Dry Skin

I'm so grateful that I found this effective soothing cream.
Caitlin Oheansy - Allergic Rashes, Inflamed Joints

It is the only product that has relieved my skin and physical pain associated with one of my ailments, which is diabetes.
Fern Filleys of NV, Las Vegas

I've been using your skin cream for just 2 weeks and I can't describe how happy I am with the product.
Y.H. Honoyarl - Psoriasis

After using your skin care cream, Corium 21, her psoriasis cleared up in three days.
Valerie Tott of CA, Sacramento - Psoriasis

I started using your skin cream for about 60 days and my psoriasis disappeared.
Jane Garliza of NV, Las Vegas - Eczema, Psoriasis

Your skin cream has been a great relief. I encourage people to try this wonderful product.
Lind Skemer of NV, Las Vegas - Arthritis

I tried your skin cream two days ago and the itch has gone away.
Linda Makepeace of WA - Allergic Rash, Itching Skin

We bought your skin cream less than a week ago and we already notice an extreme difference.
Kathy Baley of NV, Las Vegas - Allergic Rash

My acne has improved tremendously! Thanks so much!
Miste Darlene of CO, Denver - Acne

I tried some of this cream one night. The next morning my hand was not curled up at all and no pain.
Cindy Myer of CA, Fontana - Arthritis

My hands hurt, your rep put some cream on them and rubbed it in. It felt so cooling.
Sandra P. Sonich of CA - Arthritis, Jock Itch

I had the skin cream rubbed into the severe knee and within just two or three minutes, it was very comfortable.
Kathy G. Hanne of UT, Salt Lake City - Arthritis

It is great. I also used it on a terrible bruise and in six days it was gone.
Judy Jackson or NV, Las Vegas - Arthritis, Bruises

My dry and cracked heels have completely recovered.Thank you for a wonderful product!
P Akers - Eczema, Very Dry Skin

Were very amazed at the many different uses - from sore, cracked feet to very rough hands.
Karal Judubaldi of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Chapped Skin, Rough Hands

I tried this cream on my zit and it cleared up right away for me.
April Schmilenburg of NV, Las Vegas - Acne

The scars are clearing up very smoothly and my skin has become as smooth as a baby's bottom.
Diane E. Ridiout of NV, Las Vegas - Acne

I used it about one week and could already see results on acne and dry skin.
Pam Carruthers of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Very Dry Skin

I had my son try some on his acne and it cleared up almost instantly.
Karal Gurdubaldi of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Rough Hands

I have noticed a difference in the texture of my skin and the way it doesn't peel off now.
Ada Casanara of NV, Las Vegas - Acne

You have the support and the recommendation of my whole family and myself.
K Munro - Acne

I can honestly say, and I have never been able to say this, my skin looks like porcelain.
H - Allergic Rashes, Cuts, Fungus, Hives

Love your product. I have Psoriasis, it helps, but any pimple or cut, etc. heals fast, also.
B Marron - Bee Stings, Psoriasis

I used your skin cream for my psoriasis condition on my arms. After a couple of uses it cleared up.
Sandra Palsmino of CA, Orange County - Psoriasis

My friend sent me all the way from El Paso, Texas to purchase your skin cream which is for his psoriasis.
Jackie Brackett of TX, El Paso - Psoriasis

I tried your skin cream three times and it cleared up my psoriasis on my leg.
Margaret Burch of CT, Vernon - Psoriasis

Your skin cream is clearing my skin up and itching has stopped.
Karen Thuran of MI, Bay City - Itching Skin, Psoriasis, Very Dry Skin

I only applied it one time and the dry patches have disappeared.
Kim. L. Wallen of CA, Canyon Country - Very Dry Skin

His hands are knees were very dry and calloused. Just one use of this product and we were SOLD.
Philip & Jeannie Guerrero of CO, Vail - Very Dry Skin

I started using this product and my skin is moist and smooth.
Harriet Gnoya of CA, Long Beach - Very Dry Skin

Since I have been using your skin cream I have noticed a great improvement in the texture of my skin.
Anonymous of NV, Las Vegas - Acne, Very Dry Skin

I came back today to purchase a large jar. The softening of the hands is just remarkable. Thank you.
Dagnaf & John Hart of AZ, Tucson - Very Dry Skin

My skin is so much smoother. I love this product!
Wendy Caola of CA, Elk Grove - Very Dry Skin

I have not only enjoyed the product, it actually works on my dry skin.
Mogare Storza - Very Dry Skin

Within minutes my legs stopped itching and the redness faded. My skin is so soft and smooth.
Melinda Moorley of CA, San Francisco - Itching Skin

After a week of using your cream I no longer have dry arms and hands.
Michelle Clayton of NV, Las Vegas - Itching Skin, Very Dry Skin

We've used it on hands, face and rough cracked feet. Wonderful!
Bob & Sarah Hill of IL, Springfield - Chapped Skin, Very Dry Skin

This lotion left my skin feeling soft, smooth and moisturized without feeling greasy after just one application.
Deon Chicago of Birmingham - Very Dry Skin

I've been using Corium 21 religiously for over a year now and truly cannot imagine going a day without it!
Tera Cowee - Chapped Lips, Stretch Marks, Very Dry Skin

Because I found this product so helpful, I talked my mother and sister into trying it as well.
Janet Ruis - Bruises, Fungus, Inflamed Joints, Spider Veins, Fibromyalgia

This cream is a miracle; it helps to eliminate spider veins & improves circulation.
A. Crusoe - Chapped Skin, Cuts, Poor Circulation, Spider Veins

I use it on and for everything and the best part is that it works on and for everything! Love your product!
Kim - Allergic Rashes, Cuts, Very Dry Skin

I was able to bend fingers, and skin appeared to smooth.This is the only product that has ever helped.
Pete Ochineo of CA, Sacramento - Arthritis, Cracked Skin, Inflamed Joints, Rough Hands

I've been using your skin cream and have found a tremendous difference in my hands.
Debbie Wong of CA, Rosemead - Lupus, Very Dry Skin

I was shocked at how much better my skin felt. I've used it religiously ever since.
Karen - Abrasions, Allergic Rashes, Very Dry Skin

I have never used a product that did wonders like this one! I have all my friends hooked on this product!
Carolyn Murphy of CA, San Diego - Stretch Marks, Very Dry Skin

I recommend the Corium 21 cream to others who I think need to give it a try.
L. Clayton - Impetigo, Rough Hands

By the end of the week, I had my beautiful complexion back 100%. No unsightly bumps.
C. Eakino of CA, Los Angeles - Acne, Allergic Rash, Eczema, Rosacea

She is no longer shy about her skin and it looks like a normal little girl.
K. Williams - Eczema

Friends see me, and the first thing they say is WOW! Your skin looks great!
Susan A Swan of GA - Eczema

Within 3 days of receiving Corium 21 my hands are as smooth as glass.
Lynn & Phillip of PA, Philadelphia - Eczema, Itching Skin

A month into using the cream my acne has lessened. My psoriasis condition has indeed drastically improved. It feels like a miracle.
Rose Haylon of CA, Burbank - Acne, Bruises, Cuts

To my delight - it was 100 times better than expected!

To me Corium 21 is totally AMAZING and I swear by it.

I have been using this product for ten years. It worked wonders on my face. Most people are surprised of how old I am.

Corium 21 saved my skin, my social life and rid me of the insecurities and anxiety I was experiencing do to my skin condition.
Michael of Los Angeles, CA - Keratosis, Acne

I am a true convert to this cream after trying many, many products over the years, Corium 21 has become a life saver.

Well I adore your product, everyone asks me what I use on my skin.

I have never Stopped using Corium since I first me you 15 years ago.

This product is for my wife, daughter and daughter in law and the product has been used before and they love it.
Frank K.

The cream is working AMAZINGLY well on repairing my nail. I'm so impressed with it.

Thank you very much! I have used your product ever since my sister bought it at a kiosk in a Las Vegas shopping mall many years ago!
Stella T.

Thanks a lot, and congratulations for your customer relationship, you're perfect!

I really appreciate it. You guys have the BEST customer service I have ever seen!!!

We appreciate your prompt reply and will continue to purchase Corium 21 in the future, as well as promote it's benefits to others.

You have delivered something to me that arrived quicker than something I ordered in the UK at the same time!
Richard D.

Thank you for excellent customer service. I recommend this product to everyone I know.

Thanks for your prompt response!!!!! Never thought that I would get a reply.

I have used Corium 21 for about 12 years now and I still absolutely love it! You have the best product on the market.
S. Stahl

We always make sure we are stocked with Corium 21 and have been using it everyday since that day 25 years ago...This product is amazing.
Gina, D.

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